Advent of Code 2022

It’s December and this year’s Advent of Code has finally begun. At the moment of writing, it’s the 5th and I’ve just solved this day’s puzzle.

I don’t plan on competing, but I do plan on completing all the puzzles, preferably in C or Java, since I want to get better at the former, and I have to use Java during programming lessons anyway.

The puzzles so far weren’t difficult, each day I spent most of my time parsing the input, since parsing strings in C is pretty cumbersome. I’ve grown to appreciate the convenience functions provided by POSIX such as strdup.

Anyway, I push my solutions to this Github repo, so you can track my progress there.


So I only completed around a third of it, however that too is progress, compared to my previous attempt, which I got bored of after day 5.

String parsing in C isn’t as terrible as I remember, however it is very verbose compared to other languages.

I had fun while doing it, hopefully I will finish it next time.